An alternative legend for the original Count Dracula

Do Vampires Exist? Are the bloody legends real?
October 29, 2016

An alternative legend for the original Count Dracula

Legends about vampires exist for many centuries, and the most famous among them is the famous of Count Dracula. Historian Bob Curran posted the version that the birthplace of this legend was not Transylvania but Ireland. According to the researcher, Bram Stoker wrote his novel “Dracula” with stories that occurred in the county of Derry in the V century.

According to legend, an Irish king Abarth was a bloody furious dwarf. His subjects feared him so much that did not dare to kill him as he firmly entrenched in the glory of the great sorcerer. Then they went to pay homage to other kings from Catania, pleading to save them from the tyrant. Katan himself disliked Abartah therefore accepted the request of the people that where close to his heart.

Abartah was killed and buried, as was customary, standing. However, shortly after the death of the evil dwarf, a creature began to appear in the villages and to demand fresh blood of virgins, as only he could satisfy his hunger as a tormented soul. King Katan asked the druids, who told him how to get rid of the scourge. According to their instructions, he pierced the heart of Abartah, reburied the body upside down and scattered him around the tomb of thorns. After that, at the tomb of the dwarf they rolled a huge boulder. Only this will allow local residents breathe easy.

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